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Can you imagine reading in one of these during a rainstorm?

Imagine having this though. No wind. No bugs. No critters. You’re own little bubble. I legitimately need this in my life.

Imagine forcing a cat in there with you  

there are two types of people

What if you farted and you couldn’t get out and you pretty much gassed yourself to death

three. three types of people

you could preserve a dead body

Correction, four types.

Imagine if the Zombie Apocalypse started and you were just like this Human Hamster Wheel, mowing them down left and right as they pawed at the cylindrical surface… not comprehending why they could see you, but not reach your warm, delicious flesh. 


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The 11 Saddest Moments From Your Childhood. Nothing About This Is Okay.

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my standards for boys:

  • tall
  • long dark hair
  • eyeliner
  • metal arm
  • tragic back story
  • 90 years old
  • master assassin
  • guilt complex
  • the winter solider
  • be bucky barnes

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chris evans with a beard is the type of guy to take you out drinking and take you home and fuck you until you cannot walk


chris evans without a beard is the type of guy to bring you flowers and coffee before work and tell you a joke while making love


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Benedict Cumberbatch by Colin Firth

The Alarmingly Talented English star

When I was about 25 years old, I worked with two very good actors. The encounters were brief, but I’ve remembered them both with great admiration. Wanda Ventham and Timothy Carlton both embodied qualities which one is fogyishly tempted to look at with nostalgia. Along with very considerable talent, they had elegance, glamor, wit, kindness and decency.

I didn’t know at the time that they were married or that they had a son of about 10 who was quietly gestating all the same attributes. And now, 30 years later, the boy has been let loose. He has taken the form of Benedict Cumberbatch.

His parents’ qualities are on rampant display. It’s rare to the point of outlandish to find so many variables in one actor, including features which ought to be incompatible: vulnerability, a sense of danger, a clear intellect, honesty, courage — and a rather alarming energy. I take no pleasure in feeling humbled, but there’s no getting around it.

He must be stopped.

Firth won an Academy Award for his portrayal of King George VI in The King’s Speech

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me when explaining why i dont like a ship


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Chris and Sebastian dancing [x] [xI demand this to happen in Captain America 3

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do u ever go to unfollow someone but then u see some rly good posts and u just kind of 


you can stay


for now

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can we talk about how this fucking pbs show aimed at little kids easily talked about how anxiety is stressful but normal

Ok no but can we talk about this entire episode? 

It was called April 9th, and it was actually a response to the 9/11 attacks. It didn’t talk about the attacks themselves, but rather focused on teaching kids to deal with the all of the emotions that they might be feeling as a result. They set up a situation that might evoke similar emotions in children: a massive fire at the school.

Arthur’s dad was in the fire, so (as you can see above), Arthur is constantly worried about his dad’s safety.

Sue Ellen is grieving because her journal, which contained a huge amount of precious memories, was destroyed in the fire. Muffy is confused why she can’t just cheer Sue Ellen up by giving her a new journal.

Buster wasn’t at school that day, and feels confused and guilty that he isn’t sad about the fire like the other kids. He then befriends the school janitor, who has to retire due to an injury that, at his age, is pretty serious.

Binky actually saw the flames, and is constantly traumatized by the event. He doesn’t tell anyone because he feels like he would lose his tough-guy reputation if he admitted that he was scared.

The episode teaches kids that all of these emotions are perfectly normal and natural, that there’s not one right way to feel, and that even if it takes a while, things are going to be okay.

The thing that makes this show so great, in my opinion, is that it knows that kids are intellegent and strong enough to deal with these things if you present them in the right way. It doesn’t hide them, it doesn’t sugar coat them, it just presents them in a way that children can understand and shows them how to deal with them.

pretty incredible

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avoiding hate like


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and she’ll always bring you home.

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If you ever feel like you’ve fucked up just remember that a whole TEAM of people designed this cash machine to be 15 inches off the ground and no one along the way thought ‘maybe this has a design flaw’

"Cash machine"

Yes. Here in the UK people call them cash machines, I know that’s an odd concept to get your head around but I think together we can do it

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Ummm, I want all of these shirts…

And the last one I would give to Tom ;).

I want all these as well..

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